A Raw Organic Good-for-You Chocolate Bar: Monatê


The health benefits of raw chocolate (the purer the better) is pretty remarkable: it's loaded with free-radical-fighting antioxidants, minerals like calcium and magnesium,  and B Vitamins. Raw (or really dark chocolate) has also shown to raise serotonin levels, improve cardiovascular health and brain function, reduce the unwanted hormone cortisol, and lower inflammation. The catch: where you get your chocolate from, the quality of it, and the ingredients added to it (if any) really matters. Which is why, I'll be spotlighting my favorite, healthiest (bean-to-bar) good-for-you chocolate bars over the next couple of weeks. 

Monatê Raw Artisan Chocolate


Healthy Chocolate Bar Pick

Monatê's chocolate is made with magic and love (and is cunningly free of any additives, sugar, dairy, and other nasties). This makes their bars totally guilt-free and filled with antioxidants, essential minerals, heart-healthy fats, and natural bliss chemicals. Monatê's mission is simple: to save the world with raw, artisan chocolate. Luxuriously and exclusively hand-crafted and made with single-origin ethically sourced cacao beans, their chocolate-making process is sustainable and driven by passion. Monatê (pronounced Maw-nah-tee) means delicious in the african language, Sotho — and trust me, their bars truly taste incredible! Each bar is packaged in a unique african-print wrapper and inspired by the natural beauty and culture of South Africa. The Himalayan Sea Salt bar has a perfect balance of sweet and salty flavors and an intensely earthy dark chocolate taste. Yum! It's a bar of real soul superfood that's really good for you and also good for the environment. Bonus: It's suitable for vegans.