Clean Beauty


Clean beauty is a new standard of beauty, defined by products that are mindfully created and ethically sourced. Although I love anything exquisitely smelling and beautifully pigmented - many of the beauty products in our supermarkets are filled with toxic ingredients that are surprisingly harmful to us. With the health of our bodies (and the environment) in mind I believe in using totally clean and all-natural skincare products. Here, more about the brands I love.



Wellness is an actively pursued goal towards a good state of health. I think of it as choice to consciously live a lifestyle that is more balanced and fundamentally healthier for your mind, body, and spirit. It is something we always have to work towards - but trust me, the work can be incredibly interesting, fulfilling, and fun! Here, cool and approved wellness tips and recipes to try.                                                                              



While there is no place quite like home, there are few things as exciting as escaping to unique accommodations and places around the world. From surfing in Barbados to exploring Africa - a trip is the perfect time to do something different, try something new - relax, recharge, realign! Here, some of my favourite extraordinary getaways and adventures.

A MONTHLY letter from the editor, Lané Botha

A MONTHLY letter from the editor, Lané Botha

The May letter coming soon!