The Power Of A Face Mask Ritual


Self-Care Idea

Every so often our bodies signal that it’s time to slow down, unwind, and de-stress. It’s our responsibility to listen to these signals and figure out what we can do to get our moods back into check. For the average little worries of everyday life treating yourself to a face mask is perfect.

This old, yet classic (and proven-to-work-wonders) ritual is a way to dedicate some time and love to your skin and body. Besides taking your mind off the millions of thoughts probably racing through your brain, it also deeply nourishes your skin and makes you look slightly silly—which makes it all the more fun.

Taking the time out for yourself can often be dismissed as vanity, but lighting a candle whilst applying a face mask is in fact an incredibly healing ritual and a method by which to create respect for yourself. I usually find it best to apply a mask right before washing my face at night, although it could also be great first thing in the morning as a means to start your day on a calm and clear note.

Tip: try going digital-free (and reconnecting to life's natural rhythm) in the time the mask takes to work its superpowers. Give yourself permission to cherish and enjoy the moment. I also usually make sure that my bathroom is super neat and tidy to give this ritual an added spa-like feel.

If you practice this ritual on a consistent basis, your new calm energy will radiate from your skin (allowing your natural beauty to shine through). Below, a few of my favorite clean and magnificent face mask picks.