Wellness Q's

Q: “WTF is earthing – and why is it so powerful?”

A: "Simply put earthing, or grounding, is the act of placing your bare feet or hands on the earth or ground – many people choose to go for a thirty minute walk on the grass or sand. Through scientific research it has been found that the earth has an abundance of free electrons (slightly negatively charged) –which when we gain access to can neutralize free radicals and have amazing healing benefits for our bodies and souls. It is beneficial for everything from inflammation, to insomnia and depression. Walking barefoot on the beach is my go-to."

— L.


Q: “Juicing is still a growing trend. But is it really that healthy?”

A: "There are many varying opinions on the juicing topic. Some swear by it as a way to cleanse your body or increase your nutrient and antioxident intake. Others give it a bad wrap saying it provides too much sugar and not enough fibre. I believe balance here is key – drink a natural juice every second or third day in combination with eating whole fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and lean proteins."

— L.