Non-Toxic Beauty — And Why It's Important


A little more than a year ago I transitioned to a totally clean and all-natural skincare routine. Here's the thing: many of the beauty products in our supermarkets are filled with toxic ingredients that are surprisingly harmful to us.

There's a great lack of chemical policy and transparency in the personal care industry and so the conventional beauty products (and the ingredients in them) are highly unregulated. It's pretty terrifying that chemicals such as triclosan, phthalates, and parabens are hidden behind all kinds of wonderful marketing claims.

Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies and is responsible for everything from helping us maintain a stable body temperature, to acting as a protective barrier and enabling our sense of touch. It functions as a passageway from the outside environment to our bloodstream.

Although the outer layers of the skin do a good job at keeping elements like water from seeping in, absorption of certain chemicals through the skin is very real. What we put on our skin can be absorbed into our blood and so whatever products we slather onto our bodies can have a rather significant and direct effect on our health.

Knowing that our bodies absorb the moisturizers we use, it’s important to give ingredients a second look, and to make informed buying decisions and mindful swaps. In the same way that clean eating positively impacts our bodies and overall wellness — so clean beauty products impact it too.

Here, a round-up of my favorite non-toxic skincare kits. Bonus: all of these double as awesome gifts and travel sets.

My Favorite Clean Beauty Starting-Out Kits

Pai Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream


Having sensitive skin can be really frustrating— until you find a skincare line that's incredibly soothing and gentle on your skin. Made in London, this brand borrowed the Maori word "Pai" (which means "goodness") as it defines what they believe in. They only source "good" pure ingredients and promise to be "good" to the world around us. Exquisitely nourishing and non-greasy, this Pai Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream leaves your skin magnificently calm, supple, and soft. As part of Pai's Pure Hydration range, it effectively moisturizes and quenches even the driest of skin. Rich in avocado oil (which is high in Vitamins A, D, and E) and jojoba extract, it softens and conditions lacklustre skin resulting in a smooth complexion. The sustainable glass bottle is beautiful and elegant— and the day cream feels like velvet on your skin. With ingredients like jasmin oil, shea butter, and natural Vitamin E, it truly smells like a dream. I bought my first bottle at CAP Beauty, a natural beauty store in the West Village of New York. It was recommend to me by my wonderful facialist, Crystal. This exquisitely pure and unique product is definitely on my A-list of natural face creams.

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Clean Beauty Gift Guide | "For The Natural Beauty-Nut"


For The Natural Beauty-Nut

This round-up of good-for-you beauty goodies are fun-focused, exclusively sourced, and will rank among the best small packages under the tree. From French Girl Lip Polish and RX Nutrition Bars to Digital Detox Bath Soak — these all ring in it at under $100.


Under $100


Under $15 (Stocking Stuffers)

Detox Beauty Truffles | Via Goop




12 pitted dates

¼ cup unsweetened shredded coconut, plus extra for rolling

¼ cup raw cacao powder


These little raw truffles (from the GOOP CLEAN BEAUTY book) are the perfect (and healthiest) bite to satisfy your sweet tooth. Made with only three ingredients these are ridiculously easy to make and especially good as a mid-morning (or midnight) snack.

1. Find the full recipe and instructions on goop.

Originally featured in Goop's A (Detox) Recipe for Your Sweet Tooth


Goop Clean Beauty
By From the Editors of Goop

What Is Moon Juice Spirit Dust?


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Spirit Dust is a divine adaptogenic blend of super herbs and supermushrooms that combats the effects of stress and helps you to unwind. It is alchemized to bring peaceful awareness and align your soul with bliss. This supercharged edible formula contains ingredients with proven benefits of enhanced emotional well-being and a positive mind and mood. As an added bonus — it also helps increase resistance to stress, tension, and irritability. It's basically a mood-elevating edible kind of joy. Add one teaspoon of this extra potent formula to 8oz of any hot or cold liquid, and get dusted!

TIP:  It's really good in coconut milk, tea, or just plain-old filtered water. I also occasionally add it to my morning smoothie (or mix it into pancakes).



A Luxurious Natural Body Cream


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The beauty of a good body cream is the way it sinks into your skin, instantly making it look and feel healthier. This velvety, luxurious, and extremely nourishing Comfort Zone Body Cream leaves the skin feeling seriously silky and beautifully soft. It's part of Comfort Zone's Tranquility collection which contains an exclusive blend of essential oils that help you manage stress and rediscover a sense of tranquility and relaxation. The light aromatic notes of cedarwood and sweet orange stimulate a positive emotive response balancing mind and body, contrasting tension and stress, and leaving your skin with a delicate, pleasant scent. Gorgeously indulgent — and intensely hydrating, this cream is truly like nothing you've tried before. 



The Ultimate Beautifying Hair Potion


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If you're looking for something for shinier, healthier hair —look no further. This absolute beautifying potion is a great anti-frizz treatment and gives your hair that magical added shine. It's particularly good for dry or course hair in that it acts as a softener, and also detangles any unwanted knots and tight curls. Like all Davines products, OI Oil is made with sustainability in mind. This brilliant oil is my go-to product to protect my hair from styling and other environmental factors. I usually apply 2-3 drops of oil evenly over my lengths and tips when my hair is towel-dry (following shampoo and conditioner). Bonus: it also works well on dry hair for a beautiful extra shine.



An Exclusive Fragrance | Le Labo Vanille 44

I'm one of those simple souls who has a seriously hard time picking out perfume among the many complicated and overwhelming smells available on the market. It takes a truly unique and exquisite fragrance to convince me. When I found Le Labo's Paris Vanille 44, I instantly fell for it. Vanille 44 is part of Le Labo's City Exclusives line and can only be found in their Paris boutiques. The scent is not quite your typical vanilla. It is more like a dry vanilla pod with accents of guaiac wood (smoky rose), sexy amber, and muted vanilla bourbon. There's a crisp, airy, and clean quality to it. It is subtle and gentle, yet distinctive and modern. It's the kind of perfume that arouses not just interest, but excitement. With it's French origins, and the "44" representing the number of ingredients used, it carries a relaxed (and at the same time) sophisticated elegance. You'll want to spray it on repeatedly. 

ICYWW: Le Labo believes in the soulful power of thoughtful hands and craftsmanship and so once you pick your scent, they freshly hand-blend your bottle. 

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                                       Le Labo Vanille 44 

                                       Le Labo Vanille 44 


The Best Clean Face Cream


Comfort Zone's Sublime Skin Cream is a daily moisturizer with serious superpowers. Thanks to its active ingredients including peony extract, which act on the pillars of skin architecture, your skin is visibly re-plumped, more compact and nourished. After using this face cream for a little over a year now I can honestly say that it smells wonderful (and makes your skin look and feel fantastic). ICYWW: it works on all skin types.

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Healthy Moon Juice Crackers

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These tangy crackers are super healthy and insanely delicious. Made with naturally cultured cabbage, burdock, and daikon, and enriched by dandelion, these are chock-full of nutrients and good for you in all sorts of ways. I recommend having them just plain, but they're equally great with your favourite dip!



A Miracle Nourishing Face Oil


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Every now and again (especially after winter) our skin becomes tired and dull. It is at this time when a miracle nourishing oil simply becomes essential. This enriching face oil is all you'll need to renew and recharge your skin, restore its elasticity and re-plump it with moisture.