Clean Beauty Q's

Q: What's a simple natural treatment for more beautiful glowing skin?

A: "A raw honey face mask. Thanks to its naturally antibacterial and seriously moisturizing properties, honey is incredible for your skin. Whether you're looking for a complexion boost before a night out – or a soothing homemade skin treatment to regain your glow, a layer of good old-fashioned honey is the key."

— L.


Q: Is there something easy I can do to whiten my teeth at home?

A: “Yes, there is – and it works! Try mixing a teaspoon of baking soda with a little bit of water to make a thick paste and use it to brush your teeth for one to two minutes every day. Repeat this method for a week or so. Due to its abrasive and alkaline nature baking soda effectively removes built-up plaque and stains from teeth (making them look brighter than before).”

— L.